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From January 1st, of 2008, the small and medium companies or entrepeneurs will be able to ask for loans or credits, for their own needs and projects and whose guarantees can be personal moveable state property. This is due to the new law passed by the Congress of the Republic to have access on credits where the guarantees can be machinery, vehicles, and harvests, among others.


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To our clients and visitors, we share this publication, that contains general aspects of the real estate market and transactions, is subedited to a series of social, legal, and procedural factors and normatives, that in many cases, the lack of attention to one of them causes obstruction, delay and interrupt the real estate transactions or Negotiations. (Esq. Pedro Aragon Muñoz.)


Along with the well-known will made or advice by an attorney, under which we manage the succession of our assets and rights in several legal jurisdictions, it has recognized in several legal jurisdictions the autonomy of the patient and the rights and obligations of clinical documentation and information.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Along with the well-known will made or advice by an attorney, under which we manage the succession of our assets and rights in several legal jurisdictions, it has recognized in several legal jurisdictions the autonomy of the patient and the rights and obligations of clinical documentation and information.

The Living Will can be defined legally as an act of unilateral addressed to the doctor responsible for a patient, in which a person (adult and capable enough) freely expressed the wishes that the instructions are taken into account when you are in a situation where the circumstances do not allow you to personally express their will about his fate.

The figure of the living will or living will arises for the first time in the United States after the judgment handed down in 1957 by the California Supreme Court in the case SALGO vs. Stanford Lelland when court stated in its ruling that "the obligation to compensate when transcend the limits of the consent given by the patient or are hiding a ban yours. " In Spain the autonomous regions were the pioneers in the regulation by law of the Living Will.

The purposes of the living will can be manifold: from helping to solve specific problems caused by the maintenance of life (which usually presents against the wishes of the person) to try to prevent abuse and family and even medical conspiracies that will lead us to loss of respect for oneself. In any event, with the living will is intended to enhance the autonomy of the patient in making decisions that affect the area of health and should be viewed as a positive process of accountability of each of us in decisions regarding our health and values vital.

To develop and briefly state the issue, cited a legal precedent, and mention what is currently happening in Spain, because through the enactment of Law 41/2002 of 14 November, the living will can be given before a notary public (in this case We are truly in the presence of a Living Will) or in the presence of three witnesses are of age, in accordance with applicable law, at least two of them should not have relationship to the second degree, or be bound by any relationship with the grantor's estate. By a living will grantor mainly regulates the criteria to be taken into account to develop a prioritization of their personal values and expectations (not suffer pain, physical mobility), as well as situations in which specific health are to be taken into account such instructions (diseases Chronic; vegetative states).

Also, in the grantor living will can designate and regulate the actions of a regime that is representative and the only valid interlocutor with the medical staff for the purpose of replacing the patient in cases where the latter can not express their will, and even regulate the desire to make organ donation. Regarding the representative, it should be noted that the same should know what is the will of the grantor and must have the authority to interpret and implement it. Unable to contradict the content of the document and must act according to the criteria and the instructions of the grantor living will have expressly in the document. Given the central importance of the performance of the representative should be avoided that could also affect some kind of conflict of interest and it would be advisable than any of the witnesses to the document, if any, nor the doctor to be responsible implement the decisions provided in the living will.

The implementation of the living will is activated when a succession of facts of the same application to that effect has explicitly referred to the grantor. Once the above assumption is true fact (ex. state of severe dementia) or the representative, in the absence appointed relatives or people linked to the grantor must proceed to a critical reading of the document and prudent to proceed with its application . However, in some cases there may be difficulty on the part of those partners, as well as the individual physician responsible for interpreting the will expressed in the living will. In order to avoid a possible derogation of the document by interpretive difficulties, it is advisable that they be subject to the ethics committee of the respective care medical center who will make a collective and rational interpretation of it.

Finally, it is especially important to recall whether, prior to the granting of living will, the grantor makes information in the medical field of evolutionary potential of certain diseases and, as regards the legal field of conformity the contents of the document to the legal system.

The person who gives a living will who in principle must carry the doctor in charge or, in the event of incapacity, their families or who has been identified as a representative. The living will, once delivered to the responsible physician or medical center for, will become a part of the patient's medical history and be entered in the Register of Wills Advance, since then duty on the part of family members and medical taken into account in making decisions of the patient. In the event that we have given a living will a preventive and not in view of the evolution of a disease, we can choose between the living will guard ourselves and, where appropriate, the duly designated representative, or refer to the Register of Wills Advance.

With all this, the living will in Spain is presented as a valid and legitimate document of particular importance that allows instruct their destiny and that should be valued award to complete the succession planning and organization of each. Why predict the fate of a building and not prevent how to get to ours?.

With regard to our legal system, there is not regulated, as previously mentioned, the provision and disposal of this document. However, daily practice and the interest it arouses a person on this subject, has made a number of them have their organs, in some cases special donated to specific individuals or to legal institutions that are promulgated and promoted the theme to the people, and they know of cases where these organs can save lives or correct deficiencies medical patient, which is a provision of the will of the donor, without legal formality required, but recommended advice of a notary and Family doctor. I emphasize, it is not possible to dispose of the ways in which the physician in cases or problems caused by the maintenance of life let alone to dispose of his life, as the Professional applied science and its approach to the specific case, and since this illegal, it could ignore those provisions, contact us.

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